About me

About me

In this article, I present myself. It's the second post in my new blog!


I write code since 2012.
I passed an engineering degree and a master's degree in 2018 related to software, network and Internet of Things (aka IoT)...
I created a startup in 2017, Botcrypto, a SaaS to create trading bots connected to Kraken & Binance exchanges.
I am working with medium and small teams in little and big companies since 2018.

I am driven by kindness, knowledge-sharing, respect and results.

Background; education and experiences

In this section, I will describe my professional background. For a brief overview, you can download my CV on my website.

I am an engineer

I always loved science. Especially maths, physics and computer science, that drove my educational choices. I did 5 additional years of studies after high school and I have been to many cities during my studies: Paris, Budapest, Strasbourg, Poitiers, Châteauroux... (big and small cities!)

After 2 years of intense "preparatory classes" with a major in maths and physics, I joined the engineering school Télécom Physique Strasbourg. There, I did a first year jointly with another engineering school named ENSIIE to learn about programming. In the next year, I joined a Master's degree in "Network and embedded systems". All of that was merged as part of Télécom Physique Strasbourg curriculum. There was a lot of work at the time, but also a lot of fun, especially with the students' associations! To quote my favorite school's projects:

  • Snake game coded in C, with a multiplayer mode (in LAN)

  • Packet sniffer in C (like Wireshark)

  • Compilator using lex & yacc.

  • A proof of concept for an IoT network using LoRaWAN. We did a video to present this project:


I am an entrepreneur

During my studies, I did many personal projects. Some have become important and could be mentioned as professional experiences. Here is the story...

In high school, I built a website (in Php) for students. It was very much a Facebook-like website with a forum. A friend was running the website and another was doing the community manager/moderator. It was my first significant project when I was 16. Unfortunately, the website was not much used by students. But I learned skills for making websites!

In engineering school, I participated in many events like "Startup Weekend" and "Hackathon". I liked this kind of events! One time, I joined a team to make a newspaper about good news. For one year with business school students, we developed the project (I did the website!). Another time, I suggested a project to build a SaaS to trade cryptocurrencies. It got a huge success and became a real startup: Botcrypto. I will tell you more about it in my professional experiences below...

I did three internships during my studies, including two abroad in Budapest! Always in small businesses or early startups. I did many meetups during this period. So I got a lot of entrepreneurial input from these experiences and I was discovering "The Lean Startup".

Professional experiences

→ Botcrypto, the startup I cofounded in 2017 and run for 5 years. Botcrypto is a SaaS to create trading strategies and automate them with bots. I did most of the technical part of this project. Since the release, 15k+ accounts were created so far and millions of $ were traded with our service. I've written blog posts you can read to know more about the project:

I will write a blog post to share my learning from this experience. I have a lot of things to share on that... So stay tuned!

→ Kamatz, a startup I joined at its beginning in 2021 as a software engineer. We were between 3 to 8 "full stack" in the tech team. The stack in a few words: Ruby on Rails, Nuxt, AWS. There is also a blog post (in French) you can read about my experience there:

→ Airbus. Starting in 2021 as a consultant. I was working for 9 months building and running a service to manage data migration from Microsoft to Google. The team was composed of 8 people, mostly specialized in a field. The stack in a few words: Django, GCP.
I stayed almost to the end of the project before the Kamatz opportunity.

→ Orange, my first job in a big company In 2019. I have been named Lead developer during my experience there. I was building APIs to configure network devices (load balancers and switches). The stack in a few words: FastAPI, Redis, RabbitMQ, self-managed Docker Swarm cluster. I wrote a few blog posts at the time, like this one about microservices development in the early stage:

To recap my experiences as a Software Engineer: I know to build and run web services in various environments. I am especially experienced with Python and Ruby on Rails technologies. I am familiar with DevOps common tools & practices, so as Agile philosophy and methodologies like Scrum or Kanban.

For the record, I also have a diploma as an animator in a children's summer camp ("BAFA" in French) and I did this job for a few months during my teenage years! ⛱️


How do others describe me?

Feel free to ask it directly to people I worked with, you can find them by looking at my Linkedin profile. This is what I heard from them:

  • Prompt to help newcomers, very welcoming.

  • Volunteer, I am prone to accept changes.

  • Provide nice feedback and listen carefully to those received.

  • Very good technical skills. I deliver quickly with good quality. I may improve by a more systemic approach to problems.

  • Like psytrance and hard tech music. (I also like classical music very much, but my favorite is https://soundcloud.com/venommusic13/venom-inferno 🎁)

What are my hobbies?

I didn't resist adding a few words in this post about my hobbies...
I like playing piano. Reading books (in various domains like finance, society, entrepreneurship, IT and ecology). Organize summer parties. Taste wine and cheese. Do some sport: hiking, climbing, running or swimming.


It's time to conclude this post! From my professional experiences:

I know to build and run web services in various environments. I am especially experienced with Python and Ruby on Rails technologies. I am familiar with DevOps common tools & practices, so as Agile philosophy and methodologies like Scrum or Kanban.

Get my CV on my website. Feel free to drop me a message on Linkedin.

Your feedbacks on this post are very welcome! Stay tuned.